Autronic SM4

Autronic's new 1.09 chip sets the new standard for aftermarket ECUĀ“s!

All new SM4 are now sold with the 1.09 chip and the good-news is that the older ECU's can also be upgraded to the new 1.09. Chip.

One of the major changes is the new transient settings for precise fuel delivery through the rpm & load range. Most moderns system can keep an accurate AF ratio whilst statically loaded but during gearshifts and load changes a lot more things are happening than you can see on the AF meter. Other aftermarket ECU's are unable to keep this precise fuel control which gives you smoother running and faster acceleration. During gearshifts most other ECU's effectively loose control for a short time which you will not see on the AF ,meter since it is just short time, but still its enough to loose some power. We have seen on some EVO8 cars up to 0.8 sec faster times over 402 meter just by swapping to the 1.09 chip.

This completely new transient fuel calculation took 12 years of development, no other aftermarket ECU today (In our considerable experience) can do this. Other ECU's do not have up to 4/5/6 dimensional fuel calculations, but you have to specifically tune for it, because every single parameter need tuning. One of the most frustrating things is how much time it took to get it to work with every engine. From rotary to supercharged V8 or the modern small multi valve high power turbo engines, most will work directly without the need for hours and hours of tuning.

Fuel delivery through transients should now lie with two separate components, one tps controlled and the other VE or load controlled. You can on a 1.09 unplug the tps and the engine will almost run as perfectly as it did before, only the idle will suffer since it do not know when to apply the precise idle control. Now only small parts of acceleration fuel is activated through the tps, most will be activated when it rely needs it. And this is when the engine is changing VE or boosting up. An engine with other aftermarket ECU's will during dyno run on full throttle, see a lean spot when the turbo is spooling up, it can be compensated with rich fuelling but with the new 1.09 it will work perfectly.

One other feature is the cold start and the fuel is pulsed out in short pulses to get better and faster cold starts, even with E85 it will start much better. The ECU will also remember how the engine is turned off, and how many hours it has been off just to give next start optimal fuelling. And as usual there are not many settings to adjust it just will work!

With SM4 you can drive and then use the log to correct the fuelling, a couple of full throttle runs will in most cases be enough to have it tuned like a pro. You have the Auto-tune that was the first self tuning software with no hand on the keyboard to tune your engine. In most cases with a good wide-band AF meter that has 0-5 volt output it will auto-tune faster than a human can do...

It also has very good and precise boost control, four different timers, internal variables and feed back functions with PID regulation. You can build your own functions just the way you want it! You can even build a stress variable that can allow higher boost short times.

SM4 big advantage is the speed of achieving perfect tuning, and its use of fuzzy logic to control many functions, for example will the logic recognise if the map-sensor hose will come loose? Most others will read zero load but the Autronic logic will understand this and go into "limp-home-mode". It will control the boost through the tps sensor table to save your engine. Personally I know of several very expensive engines that would have been ruined without Autronic logic. What this is worth for you can only you determine, but that's Autronic - they just run perfectly and with complete safety.

SM4 also has traction control, with different settings for wet and dry weather. Also built in scope function where you can see the crank/cam signal pattern, injector pulses and the ignition outputs. This makes fault fault-finding an absolute breeze.

Launch control can also have three dimensional ignition retard, the Launch rpm can be adjusted with a rotary potentiometer. The launch control also has a rotary ignition cut, so it wont foul any cylinders with fuel.

Most tables can be controlled from external potentiometers, so you can control boost or others. The 13 available GPC controls can be used in series when you want more than two dimensions.

The 1.09 chip also has many trigger settings like stock pulse per cycle, Motronic, Ford TFI, Subaru, EVO, Nissan, Volvo, Ford 36-1 and much more, sensors can be inductive or hall/optical type, and as usual the inductive reluctor interface has no settings! It will just "work" the Autronic way!

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