Autronic PNP

Autronic has long time reputations of making PnP cards for Subaru and EVO. Now we also have a Skyline Patch-loom for SM4 (not made by Autronic). Plans of making Patch-Looms for EVO & Subaru.

In most cases the stock ECU board is removed and replaced with a Autronic Board. Mounting Autronic airtemp sensor are also recommended for its speed and accurate measurements.

All board has Autotune and are true Autronic pruducts.Smc based boards has functionality like Smc, anti-lag, boost control, idle control and more. SM4 based boards has all functions like SM4 with anti-lag, boost control, idle control, launch control, timers and much more.

We also stock ECU connectors for other cars if you want to make your own Patch-harness and use SM4 ecu.

For the Evo 9 & Subaru PnP there is an advanced knockboard as option.

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