Autronic AF Meter

Autronic famous AF meter, with ground isolated analog output, will not chassie ground the analog ground on the ecu like most others.

The analyzer will read either air fuel ratio or lambda. You can select between the following fuels. Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, Alcohol. A/F ratio for Lambda = 1 is shown for these various fuels.

Analyzer auto calibrates.

There are two models of the exhaust gas analyzer and both have an analog output for external data acquisition input as well as connection to Autronic ECUs for AutoTune

A Model: Uses a Bosch four wire broad band sensor and has a air fuel ratio range of 9.0:1 to 36.0:1. Update speed of readings is 0.5 of a second.

B Model: Will use the Bosch sensor or a UEGO 6 wire high speed sensor. The high speed sensor will update every 0.10 of a second, it is also more accurate than the Bosch sensor.

Both models have a instantaneous / minimum / maximum capture using a bar graph which makes acceleration testing easier.

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