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Engine Reconditioners / Vehicle Servicing / WOF

Grafton, servicing the Auckland Region.
Engine Reconditioners / Vehicle Servicing / WOF

Taylor Automotive; Auckland's premier automotive workshop delivering quality service and customer satisfaction since 1979

Taylor Automotive was founded in 1979 by Tom and Karen Taylor as a small automotive workshop in central Auckland. As its reputation for quality work has grown, so too has the business, now run by Harley Taylor and Paul Brooker in a 1200 square metre workshop. 

Our team of 10 technicians and engine performance specialists deliver quality work backed by excellent customer service with the goal of machining and building the best engines in the industry.

Taylor Automotive provides a wide range of services to keep your vehicles on the road

Whether you need something checked, fixed or improved, our team can deal with it. Our services include:

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a garage that you can trust your vehicle to, whether it's the daily runaround or a treasured classic, choose Taylor Automotive. We offer you:

  • Expertise: With more than 40 years in the business and a group of experienced mechanics, we have the knowledge and experience to identify and diagnose problems with your vehicle. We are trained to work with a wide range of vehicles and have access to the latest tools and technologies to perform repairs and maintenance.
  • Precision work: As engine rebuilding specialists, we understand the importance of accuracy to ensure your engine performs at its best.
  • Quality guaranteed: We are committed to providing reliable and efficient services to our customers, ensuring that your vehicle is repaired to the highest safety standards. We’re an MTA member, and provide also a guarantee on our workmanship as part of the NZERA (NZ Engine Re-conditioners Association). We are currently working with Autosure and Janssen insurance companies.
  • A locally owned business: We're a family business and believe in supporting the community around us that brought the Taylor Automotive team to where we are today.

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