Auckland Westpac Helicopter Service

Taylor Automotive is proud to continue its ongoing association with the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

This outstanding service, which started as the world's first civilian surf-rescue helicopter service back in late 1970, is staffed full-time by a highly experienced flight crew consisting of pilots, paramedics and crewmen, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Along with remote rescue, the highly trained specialist crews have been called upon to perform critical hospital transfers, attend emergency births, and respond to car and boating accidents. In fact they may attend any type of emergency where rapid response or difficult location is a factor.

You just never know when you or someone close to you may need it.




In the August 2016 issue, NZ Classic Car delves into the innards of the internal-combustion engine and talks to the experts on the intricacies of rebulding and reconditioning.




It was our pleasure to host the North Island Model A Ford Club for a tech night at our workshop in Grafton.  it was a very enjoyable night with lots of interested discussion.  See a write-up by David Mossman below.


If your club is interested in finding out more about engine reconditioning, please give us a call.



Taylor Automotive Limited – Tech Night 11 November 2015

                           Auckland City’s One-Stop Engine Shop             

 Another tech night that was a privilege to view and experience.  This high class long standing engine reconditioner with many makes and models on the go undergoing engineering work.  Tom and Karen Taylor’s motto is clear and hard earnt with over 35 years of experience, offering a one-stop engine reconditioning shop.  Their warranty of 12 months / 20,000kms is assured with precise layout for over 15 different operations.  Starting with the luxury of a separate engine installation and removal room along with hoist facility.  Little wonder there are ambulances that also require their services. 

After viewing the strip / tear down area, rotary hot wash, deep chemical cleaning tanks we then proceeded on to view their flywheel and manifold machine area.  Alloy and cast welding, hot and cold pressure block and head testing, block facing, crankshaft crack testing and grinding, synchro valve seating and vacuum testing, a conrod induction heater and conrod alignment gauges.  With ten staff in specific areas this is a busy place.  Known as one of Auckland’s best engine reconditioners I can now see why they are still a very successful and competitive business.  There used to be 11 other competitors.

We then moved on to view two vertical boring machines worth well over $200k and were amazed watching a Sunnen floating line bore hone.  That was a trick to see in action to align the crank centre line of some worn main bearing caps.  The block was just sitting not bolted down whilst this work was being done.   

With long serving technicians like Dieter and Paul the Foreman you get to see why the standard of workmanship is first class.  They are passionate.  With a wide range of race engines and Porsche aluminium blocks to look into the intricate casting with the fascination of silicon (not silicone) to reduce friction in cylinder bores requires new techniques to build them.  That told us all you can mess up big time with these new lighter materials.  After assembly engines are then dyno run and tuned before installation in the separate super clean facility with customer satisfaction.  Beat that.  Many thanks to Tom Taylor and Dieter for a great night and a superb supper.  Many questions were asked and discussion undertaken.  Watch for their car on the track at Western Springs Speedway.  

 David Mossman